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Twitter Outsources Domain Name Portfolio

The micro-blogging giant Twitter has handed over management of its domain portfolio to an Australian registrar. It includes a two-year, deal during which the company will manage all of Twitter’s domains. It is a common practice for registrars to provide single portals for customers who need to manage multiple domains. …

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Jesus.net sells for £73,442

Not only can Jesus turn water into wine, but he can sell domains, too. Jesus.net sold a few hours ago for a whopping £73,442 ($124,337 USD). There seems to be quite a few religious domains selling at auction lately. Last month, Rosary.com sold for £48,388 and Biblical.com netted £10,000. The …

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iGuide.com sells for $100,000

California company Baroda Ventures LLC made news today with its purchase of iGuide.com for $100,000 USD, or £59,068, from Name Media. The name could be used for any sort of website providing help or advice, but currently redirects to video site OVguide.com. It would be really interesting to see it …

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