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Cyber Crime

Hanover Politicians Lose Domains to Local Man

A clever fellow by the name of Thomas Sutcliffe has upset local politicians in Hanover, Germany. Taking advantage of their lack of web awareness, he registered two domains used by local politicians in past elections: www.LenFariello.com and www.JudyIradi.com. One of the politicians, Deputy Mayor Judy Iradi, said the actions were …

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15 Millionth .TK Domain Registered

Today, the Dot TK registry announced the registration of the 15 millionth .tk domain. Dot-TK is the ccTLD for Tokelau, a New Zealand territory located far out in the Pacific. With only 1400 inhabitants and a GDP of $1.5 million, the group of three atolls partnered with BV Dot TK …

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Over 1,300 swine flu domains registered

According to F-Secure, over 1,300 swine-flu related domain names were registered over the weekend. Although there are many websites and emails circulating the Internet warning people to beware of swine flu domains, as of yet, only one has been proven to be malicious. It involved contacting the user via email …

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UK accused of stalling in fight against cybercrime

The Council of Europe, a 60-year-old human rights organization, has expressed its strong concern about what it calls Britain’s failure to adequately fight Internet crimes, including the financing of terrorism. The convention on cybercrime was drawn up in November of 2001 and adopted by the Council of Europe’s 47 members. …

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Fight Content Theft with Copyscape and Google

Anyone who owns an established website knows about content theft. Given the size of the web and the anonymity it provides as well as the ease at which copyrighted material can be reproduced, it’s a surprise Internet plagiarism isn’t more common. Whether it’s an article you spent six hours writing, …

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