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Cyber Crime

Watch out for this domain appraisal scam

Domain blog The Domains highlighted a domain appraisal scam today all domainers should be aware of. Essentially what happens is a domain owner receives a legitimate-looking email from a prospective buyer. The sender tells the domain holder that he will buy it for a certain percentage of the appraisal price, …

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Korean cyberattack may be wild goose chase

U.S. and South Korean agencies are still scratching their heads trying to track down the perpetrators of widely publicized July 4 attacks. South Koreans were quick to point the finger at North Korea or “North Korean sympathizers”, but as of yet, no concrete proof has emerged. The botnet infected 50,000 …

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What's in a password?

Phishing is on the rise, and with more services moving online, web fraud is a serious concern. Most people are pretty confident that their passwords are safe from cybercrime, but are they really? For your Twitter account, maybe you are not that concerned if your password is your daughter’s name, …

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