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How IDNs could hurt web security

IDNs have been hailed as a milestone in web accessibility, but unfortunately, this new technology could make it easier for phishers and other cyber criminals to target victims. This is because while certain letters in two different scripts might look exactly alike, they have different meanings in their respective language. …

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China shuts down 775 adult domains

In an effort to put a stop to online pornography, the Chinese government has shut down 775 pornographic domains in the last three days. This swift action is the result of the country’s new domain name complaint center, where concerned citizens can rat out adult websites. The center is operated …

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UK police shut down 1200 .co.uk domains

The Metropolitan Police’s Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) announced today that it, in conjunction with the .uk registry, has shut down more than 1200 .co.uk domains. The domains in question were used by organised criminal networks for scamming. Many contained fake online stores where consumers could order designer goods for low …

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Suspected domain thief indicted

Several months ago, New Jersey police arrested alleged domain hijacker Daniel Goncalves. He is suspected of stealing the domain P2P.com, which he sold on eBay for $111,000 USD, from a group of three owners. Yesterday, the state’s technology crime unit hit Goncalves with a seven-count grand jury indictment. The charges …

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