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Monitoring Connectivity with Traceroute

In the hopefully unlikely event that you are unable to access your website, the first thing you should check is your own network connection. You may find that you cannot access any websites. If that is not the case, there is a network problem between your computer and your server.

Normally, your computer must connect through several different connected locations before reaching the destination of a website. With traceroute, you can follow that path to see if there is a problem along the way that might explain connectivity problems. In Windows, run traceroute by opening a command window. Click “Run” and type “cmd”. Then type the command:

tracert domain.com

In Linux and Mac OS X you basically follow the same procedure in a terminal window but type the command as:

traceroute domain.com

There are two things to look for: 1. Sites that take a long time to connect (measured in milliseconds), and 2. Sites that do not connect at all (usually displayed as an *).

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