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MultiVitamins.com sells for $45,000

Given the massive size of the vitamin supplement market, it’s no surprise that multivitamin.com has sold for £27,424 ($45,000 USD).

No six-figure sales have occurred lately. Instead, more modest transactions have dominated the market.

Other recent sales:

originals.com- $37,500.00
raspberry.com- $27,500.00
istream.com- $25,000.00
trademarklawyers.com- $24,000.00
hockey.org- $22,500.00
costumerentals.com- $21,000.00
designersunglasses.com- $21,000.00
i.biz- $17,000.00
newyorkers.com- $14,500.00
tested.com- $12,000.00

Winners in this group include raspberry.com, trademarklawyers.com, and hockey.org. Newyorkers.com isn’t a bad name, but the plural “s” means it is not only more work to say, but also harder to remember.

While the inclusion of an additional letter or syllable may seem trivial, it can make all the difference. An extra sound can often turn a great sounding phrase into a train wreck. This is because we usually think of things in the singular.

Would you prefer to own cellphoneservice.com or cellphoneservices.com? Does GreenTree.com or GreenTrees.com sound better? Most people would tell you they prefer the singular.

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