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Associatesdegree.com sells for $32,000 USD

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Another education domain, associatesdegree.com, has sold for £19,592, or $32,000 USD.

An associates degree is obtainable in the United States after two years of post-secondary education and is an increasingly popular alternative in community colleges to traditional four-year degrees.

Other recent sales include:

healthtree.com- $20,000
ziti.com- $10,000
in-biz.com- $7,000
dotgov.com- $6,000
thesafetynet.com- $5,430
sdstudio.com- $5,220
md-tv.com- $5,088
ChangeRingtone.com- $5,000

Dot.gov is the website for the United States Department of Transportation. Whoever bought dotgov.com could easily lose it if the government ever decides to file an arbitration or court dispute over the name.

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