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How to create a database in phpMyAdmin

New database in phpMyAdmin
In a previous post, we learned how to create a MySQL database from the Linux command line. Today, we will learn how to accomplish the same task with a graphical interface using the free web-based MySQL administration tool: phpMyAdmin. Just follow these steps.

1. Login to phpMyAdmin either through your server’s control panel or directly.

Note: Some panels, such as cPanel require you to create databases through their interface. If so, follow their instructions

2. In the main Home section, look for “MySQL localhost“, and under “Create new database”, enter the name you want to use

3. Click “Create”

That is all it takes! You now have a new database. To assign users to the database, click the “Privileges” tab while you are still on that database’s page. Once you have the permissions you want, you can add, delete, and configure databases with relative ease.

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