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What is Putty?

PuTTY is a free terminal emulator that supports SSH and many other protocols. Most users, particularly on Windows, find it very useful for connecting to a Unix or Linux SSH server. PuTTY has a graphical configuration interface with many useful features: storage of connection data for quick reconnection port forwarding IPv6 support SCP and SFTP […]


How to enable HTTPS on a Windows server

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is the underlying technology that enables a website to use the HTTPS protocol. Why is this important? A website with an HTTPS URL provides website visitors with a secure connection for private transactions. It is essential for any type of online sales or exchange of private data. Windows […]


Wikto web server assessment tool

Yesterday, we took a look at a web application security testing tool, and there are many other tools like it available both for a fee and for free. But there are not many tools available that actually test the web server itself and even fewer that are designed to test a Windows server. Wikto, which […]


Using virtualization to host multiple operating systems

This week we have learned about several different server-ready operating systems. But what should you do if you need to run multiple operating systems? Should you fork out the cash for multiple servers? It really depends on your needs, but if you know you will not need an entire dedicated server for each OS, you […]


Remotely managing your Windows web server

Question: How do I setup remote management of an IIS 7 server on Windows Server 2008? Answer: By default, remote management is turned off. Therefore, you must turn it on before you can use any of its features. Although IIS is available for Vista and other versions of Microsoft Windows, remote management only works on […]


How do I install FTP on IIS 7.5

Question: How do I install FTP on IIS 7.5 in Windows? Answer: IIS (Internet Information Service) is a set of Microsoft’s Internet-based services. As a web server, it is second only to Apache HTTP Server, serving 29% of all websites. In addition to HTTP services, it also includes FTP. On Windows Server 2008, installing FTP […]


WampServer on Windows

We have spent a great deal of blog space learning about Linux servers and how to optimize them, but Linux is certainly not the only kid on the block. This week we will look at some other operating systems and how they interact with the Web. First up is Microsoft Windows. The standard web server […]


Disable unused services on your server

Unused services may seem like a non-issue, but they cause your server to take longer at boot, and they eat up RAM that could be used for critical services. This is a cross-platform issue, so Linux, Windows, BSD, and Solaris servers could all potentially have unused services running in the memory. For example, Linux distributions […]


How to delete multiple files in various directories in Linux

Question: When uploading files to my Linux server from my windows computer, I have accumulated WS_FTP.log files and thumbs.db files in multiple directories. Is there an easy way to delete all of them at once without navigating through each directory? Answer: With Linux, of course there is. You can accomplish this with the “find” command, […]


Where can I find a free SMTP server?

An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is primarily used for sending email messages between servers. Most email systems use SMTP servers. But are there free servers for this task? Free SMTP Server is a Windows program that satisfies that need, and it is very easy to use. Furthermore, it is particularly useful for laptop […]

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