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June, 2010

  • 28 June

    Start-up company wants to be your domain name private investigator

    NameDepot.com, Inc., a start-up unheard of until recently, has filed a trademark application for a technology called “RealRegistrant” to, “to obtain information about the owner or registrant of a domain name when the WHOIS information is obscured by a domain name WHOIS Privacy or Proxy service” For those too lazy …

  • 7 June

    5 Indispensable DNS Tools

    1. Traceroute – With this quick tool, you can trace the network path from your server to any destination, including your house. If you ever have connection problems with your website or server, this tool may give you clues. 2. IP Whois – Find out what a website’s true IP …

April, 2010

  • 23 April

    Protecting Your Whois Information

    If you run a company and have your domain registered under the name of that company, having your Whois information public might actually do your business some good. If something ever goes wrong with your website, Internet-savvy customers will still know how to contact you. But if you are an …

  • 15 April

    ICANN releases list of proposed WHOIS reforms

    There’s been a lot of talk lately about reforming WHOIS. In an effort to make good on its vows to improve the system, ICANN released a document entitled “Inventory of WHOIS Service Requirements.” The document (PDF) lays out a number of proposals for fixing the broken domain owner contact database. …

March, 2010

  • 18 March

    SOCA calls for better WHOIS accuracy

    nca soca

    Citing recent statistics issued by ICANN stating that 3/4 of WHOIS data is inaccurate, Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) is calling for more rigorous accuracy requirements. SOCA says it is too easy for organised crime to fake domain contact data and wants ICANN to make falsifying contact data more …

February, 2010

  • 17 February

    ICANN: 77% of WHOIS data inaccurate

    A study conducted by ICANN on five gTLDs (including .com and .net) reveals that 77% of WHOIS data is at least partially inaccurate. In addition, only 46% of domain owners in the study could be successfully contacted. ICANN talked with a number of domain owners and found that they did …

  • 1 February

    Whois searching from the Linux command line

    There are many web-based Whois search tools and even some desktop ones available for free use, but with the “whois” command on your Linux server, you can use it to perform more complex tasks and even automate the process. For example, you can type: whois internetblog.org.uk It will return the …

December, 2009

  • 2 December

    Domain name check

    A simple domain name check can reveal quite a bit of information. Whenever a name is registered, the owner’s contact information is entered into a large database known as WHOIS — an Internet phone book of sorts.. It can be very useful for finding the owner of a particular site …

November, 2009

  • 4 November

    Judge rules WHOIS privacy constitutes “material falsification”

    Recently there has been heated debate about whether or not WHOIS privacy protection, an inexpensive service that lets domain registrants hide their contact information from the public, should be allowed. In the recent case U.S. v Kilbride, an American judge ruled that using privacy protection constitutes “material falsification.” The defendant …

October, 2009

  • 5 October

    ICANN conducts study on WHOIS privacy

    WHOIS privacy protection is a great way to keep your personal information safe from solicitors. In an effort to keep up with the latest domain trends, ICANN is currently conducting a study on the usage of the service and its implications. Preliminary results reveal that some 15-25% of domain registrations …