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July, 2010

  • 5 July

    Twitter has 99.1% uptime for June

    twitter uptime

    According to uptime service monitor Pingdom, social networking site Twitter had a June uptime figure of 99.17%. Although this sounds high, it is actually low by industry standards, especially for a large site like Twitter with so many resources at its disposal. The 0.83% downtime figure equates to 5 hours …

May, 2010

  • 26 May

    99% Uptime Guarantee

    It seems as though nearly all web hosting providers promise 99% uptime. Therefore, the promise alone does not make the choice any easier. While there are sites that provide monitoring services that rate the actual uptime of hosts, the real question you should ask a web host is what the …

April, 2010

  • 1 April

    Why uptime matters

    Ever notice that most hosts have 99.9% uptime. There’s a good reason why they try so hard to keep things running. While a few percentage points might not seem like a big deal, over the course of a year they can really add up. Just take a look at the …

March, 2010

  • 23 March

    4 Tools to monitor site uptime

    One of the most important things you can do for your website is to make sure you have some type of monitoring. The last thing you want is to get an email or call from an irate customer because your site is down. Here are four web-based monitoring tools that …

December, 2009

  • 29 December

    System monitoring with phpSysInfo

    Sometimes you just need quick information about your server without having to click through numerous control panel screens or logging via SSH. A small PHP software application, called phpSysInfo, allows you to do just that. Installed like a normal PHP script, you can access a plethora of information about your …

November, 2009

  • 4 November

    Quick System Information with "Uptime"

    There are several ways to monitor your Linux dedicated server. Some involve typing simple commands, while more advanced techniques require you to study log files. Few, however, are as easy as typing “uptime”. Once entered, you will know a number of things: 1. The system time. Sometimes you might find …

October, 2009

  • 6 October

    Save time with remote reboot

    Last week you learned how a routine server reboot can be a costly affair at some dedicated hosts. Even for those of us with more endearing hosts that do not charge for restarts, the process can sometimes take a bit longer than it should. Instead of contacting your provider every …

  • 1 October

    Choosing the best host for your money

    Question: How do I choose an inexpensive but reliable web hosting provider? Answer: Fortunately, there are boatload of people with your dilemma. Some of them have created websites that specialize in rating and reviewing hosts. You can also check the web host uptime to make sure they deliver on their …

September, 2009

  • 23 September

    Choosing a backup solution for your dedicated server

    Question: I am looking for a backup solution for my dedicated server. What are my options? Answer: There are three common options that dedicated server managers typically use. All of them have their benefits and drawbacks. 1. Web hosting company. Often times,the company that owns and houses your server also …

  • 10 September

    Track website outages with uptime monitors

    In the busy world we live in, it’s impossible for most people to monitor their sites 24/7. But tracking your site’s speed and uptime throughout the day is critical. Thankfully, you can use an uptime monitor to track the availability of any URL. Most uptime trackers charge a small fee …

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