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HP signs $3 billion contract with US Navy

Last Thursday, HP announced the signing of a $3 billion contract with the US Navy. Under the deal, HP will continue to provide IT services to the Navy, including the operation of its Intranet. Dennis Stolkey, senior vice president of the US public sector at HP Enterprise Services, stated: The Department of the Navy needs […]


Intel super computer predicts path of BP Oil Spill

The ongoing BP Oil Spill is one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States. As oil spills out from a leaking well head deep under the ocean floor, large swaths of oil have engulfed a good portion of the Gulf of Mexico. Although it had nothing to do with the […]

Does the U.S. government want to seize The Pirate Bay's domain?

Does the U.S. government want to seize The Pirate Bay’s domain?

 bittorrent site. Despite a government raid, large fines and jail time, the site is more popular than ever. But according to TorrentFreak, the United States government planned an operation in coordination with ICANN to seize As part of a campaign called ‘Operation In Our Sites,’ the government has already illegally seized the domains of […]


NIC Chile lowers price of .CL domain

If you’ve been thinking about registering Chile’s .cl ccTLD, now is a great time. As of July 1, NIC Chile has reduced the registration fee by $2.00 USD. That brings the cost of a .cl domain down to $9.45 per year, although Chile requires a 2-year commitment. Of course, while Chileans are enjoying this price […]


Microsoft to build Iowa data center

This week Iowa’s governor, Chet Culver, confirmed that Microsoft will be building a new data center in the state. At a cost of $100 million, the modular data center is expected to use significantly less power and water than other facilities and produce less waste. And if the expected completion date of spring 2011 is […]


IT executives doubt time line of government data consolidation plan

The United States government has pledged to consolidate its data centers from its current over-bloated structure into a more efficient form. A survey of 143 federal IT executives reveals that 63% of believe the consolidation will take place, but an even greater 74% think it will take longer than the government estimates to carry out […]


Bill could give United States right to seize Internet

Senator Joe Lieberman has introduced a bill to Congress that if enacted, would give the American government broad powers to direct Internet policy and seize control of critical infrastructure during emergencies. Called the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA), this legislation could effectively give the government control over the Internet. This is because […]


Tour the MasterCard data center

Few data centers are more important than the one owned by MasterCard in O’Fallon, Missouri. Millions of people swipe their credit cards every day, purchasing anything and everything from coffee to cars. However, few take into consideration the raw computing power that makes all this possible. This YouTube video shows an inside look at MasterCard’s […]


FTC to look into security and privacy of cloud computing

America’s Federal Trade Commission will hold a roundtable discussion later this month on the privacy and security of cloud computing. Social networking and mobile computing will also be covered. David Vladeck, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, stated in a letter to the government agency: …the ability of cloud computing services to collect […]


American loses 16 domains to Apple

Daniel Bijan, a Los-Angeles singer and entrepreneur, recently lost a domain dispute with Apple over 16 domains. In its complaint filed under ICANN’s UDRP, the Cupertino company claimed the names were confusingly similar to its trademarks. Naturally, the arbitrator ruled in favor of Apple. A few of the names seized are,, and […]

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