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Cable giant Charter loses domain dispute

Charter Communications, an American ISP and cable company that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009, lost an arbitration dispute this week over the name Charter claimed the domain violated a number of its trademarks and alleged that the owner was using it in bad faith because. The name at one point contained a […]


American loses 16 domains to Apple

Daniel Bijan, a Los-Angeles singer and entrepreneur, recently lost a domain dispute with Apple over 16 domains. In its complaint filed under ICANN’s UDRP, the Cupertino company claimed the names were confusingly similar to its trademarks. Naturally, the arbitrator ruled in favor of Apple. A few of the names seized are,, and […]


Cybersquatting plummits to an all-time low

Analysis done by blog Domain Name Wire shows that cybersquatting is at an all-time low. The site took a look at the number of Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) filings for .com domains. It found that despite an increase in the quantity of registrations, the number of disputes filed has decreased from 1 […]


School Prayer Controversy Heats Up

In recent news, two school teachers at Pace High School in Florida, USA are under investigation for publicly promoting their religion. The news has caused an upsurge in searches for the school’s website and sites related to the controversy. The school’s website can be found at the domain: If someone types in, however, […]


Cybersquatting has cost businesses more than £133 million

Going after cybersquatters is expensive. Recent research conducted by the Corporation Service Company (CSC) shows just how must it has cost businesses over the years: £133 million ($220 million USD). How can companies avoid this expense? According to the CSC, the best remedy is simply to be proactive and register domains before cybersquatters get to […]


Radioshack wins dispute for two domains

In a recent cybersquatting case, a company in the UK Virgin Islands named Transure Enterprise Ltd registered two domains: and I am sure you can already see where this is going. TRS Quality Inc, a subsidiary of Radioshack, filed a complaint in early May arguing that the domains violated their trademark. Radioshack has […]


Tiger Woods loses domain name dispute

In an effort to secure domain names that match the names of his children, Tiger Woods has been filing domain disputes with the National Arbitration Forum. In order to make a case, the award-winning Golfer argued that the names are confusingly similar to the trademark “Tiger Woods”. The arbitrator refused the claim. The two domains […]


First .Tel UDRP Disputed Filed

Osram GmbH became the first person to file a UDRP (Uniform Domain Resolution Policy) dispute with the .tel registry this week in an attempt to get the domain The domain is owned by Russian Yuri A Ivanov and was registered on March 24, 2009. The UDRP was set up by ICANN some time ago […]

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