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What to do when your server goes down

First of all: do not panic. What may appear to be an outage, may actually be an issue with your network connection or Internet congestion. Once you have eliminated the usual suspects, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue quickly and get your dedicated server back up and running. 1. […]


5 Indispensable DNS Tools

1. Traceroute – With this quick tool, you can trace the network path from your server to any destination, including your house. If you ever have connection problems with your website or server, this tool may give you clues. 2. IP Whois – Find out what a website’s true IP address is, where it originates, […]


Troubleshooting website connectivity issues

Nothing is worse than waking up and finding out your website is down. The immediate reaction is to grab the phone and drop an anger bomb on your web hosting provider. While it certainly could be a problem with your server, there are a few things to check before going ballistic on the IT guys. […]


Monitoring Connectivity with Traceroute

In the hopefully unlikely event that you are unable to access your website, the first thing you should check is your own network connection. You may find that you cannot access any websites. If that is not the case, there is a network problem between your computer and your server. Normally, your computer must connect […]


5 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Question: My website is a little too slow. Do I need to find a new web host? Answer: 1. Your web host – These is the easy one to assume, that your web hosting company is just offering slow service. But it might not be true. Test it. There are websites that will allow you […]


Free DNS Tools for Web Hosting

Inevitably, there are times when you need to do troubleshooting of your web and email services, or you simply need to make sure all of your network services are operating correctly. For years, I have relied on one free service to handle most of my DNS needs. It is called They offer mail server […]

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