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Manage Amazon S3 storage with CrossFTP

Let’s face it, many of the today’s website owners and even system administrators are not as comfortable with code, scripts, and command line tools as the generation that come before them. Some may struggle with cloud services like Amazon S3 because of difficult and sometimes time-consuming command line programs. CrossFTP is an FTP client, but […]


5 Security tips for virtual private servers

There are many security factors you should consider when deploying Linux-based virtual private servers (VPS) on systems such as OpenVZ. Some protect your users and some protect your server as a whole. Here are five steps you can take to make sure your server is secure: 1. Disable the root password on the real server. […]


Severe OpenSSL security vulnerability announced

Web server administrators should take notice of a “severe” vulnerability that computer scientists have discovered in OpenSSL, the free and open source encryption software package for Linux and Unix-like systems. The bug is in OpenSSL’s cryptographic library and vulnerability allows attackers to retrieve a server’s cryptographic key, leaving any secure transactions, such as banking and […]


What is BSD?

Question: I have heard of Unix and Linux, but what is BSD? Answer: BSD commonly refers to the the UNIX-like operating system developed at the University of California, Berkley in 1977. It predates Linux and has been used in Unix server environments for decades, in response to the licensing issues of the original and much […]


VMware buys SpringSource for US$420M

VMware announced today that it plans to purchase SpringSource, a leader in cloud computing application management. VMware specializes in virtualization and intends to extend their reach naturally into cloud computing. The deal will reportedly involve US$362 million in cash and equity, as well as US$58 million in stock options. The goal of the alliance is […]


Asia, Europe will ride the cloud faster, says Microsoft

According to Allison Watson, corporate vice president for Microsoft’s worldwide partner group — there is a mouthful — businesses in Asia and Europe seem to be more willing to adopt their Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) — another mouthful — faster than those in the U.S. This international market, Watson believes, is more conducive to […]


Sun's dying declarations

As the setting of Sun Microsystems nears and the company prepares to be absorbed into Oracle, Sun is wheeling and dealing to make sure its server hardware survives the acquisition. IBM and HP have been busy offering Sun customers deals to leave their hardware and Unix-like operating system, Solaris for their “more reliable” alternatives. Sun […]


Researchers virtualize 1 million Linux kernels

Villains beware. Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have created the mother of all supercomputers that could be used in the fight against botnets and other massive computer attacks. Their supercomputer, called Thunderbird is made up of a 4,480-node high performance cluster. Each cluster ran 250 virtual machines, each running the Linux kernel, for a total […]


Urgent exploit found in BIND

A DoS (denial of service) security bug has been found in BIND, and the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) is recommending that users upgrade immediately. BIND, which stands for Berkeley Internet Name Domain is the most widely used and accepted DNS server. Most Linux and other Unix-like server run BIND, and therefore, most web hosting servers […]


HP reduces number of data centers from 85 to 6

In the increasingly competitive IT industry, companies are always looking for ways to cut costs. Three years ago, HP embarked on a plan that is has recently completed to reduce its data center locations from 85 to 6. No doubt a lot of system admins lost their jobs as a result of the change. HP […]

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