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May, 2010

  • 18 May

    Mailing List Etiquette for Site Owners

    Most users are familiar with email, texting, and even Twitter etiquette. Some might even refer to it as Netiquette, but there should also be a code of ethics for the owners of mailing lists. If you have ever done any shopping online, you will inevitably receive promotional emails from the …

February, 2010

  • 10 February

    Linux server backup to Amazon S3

    Amazon S3 is a storage service provided by Amazon.com. It is part of Amazon’s cloud computing offering, and it used by all sorts of individuals and businesses. Although anyone with a Linux server can theoretically backup their server manually to S3 storage, it helps to have a tool to do …

  • 1 February

    Speed up Google Analytics on your server

    The Problem: You have a frequently visited website and use Google Analytics to gather important statistical information about your users. Unfortunately, every time a user accesses your main page, it takes longer load whenever they have to download the urchin.js file that Google’s server sends. The essentially technical problem is …

November, 2009

  • 16 November

    Secure your server and save space with a little spring cleaning

    Winter is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some spring cleaning on your shared hosting account or dedicated server. After just a few months of use, your main directory can be full of all sorts of garbage needlessly taking up space, including: Unused CMS or script installs …

October, 2009

  • 23 October

    Linux File Compression

    Question: I downloaded a script that I want to install on my website, but the file extension is tar.gz. What is it, and what do I do with it? Answer: That file extension, .tar.gz means that the file has been doubly compressed with both TAR and GZIP. These are both …

September, 2009

  • 15 September

    How to Setup PHPInfo on Your Website

    When it works perfectly, PHP is the best thing since sliced bread. When something goes wrong, however, PHP can be real pain. Many of PHP’s settings may not be apparent to you, especially if you only have a shared hosting account and did not install and configure it. PHPInfo is …