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0 sells for $60,000 sold at auction this week for $60,000 USD. A number of telecommunications and IT companies worldwide are named Comtech. Perhaps one of them bought the name? Other recent sales of note include for $11,000, IDN diä (“diet” in German) for €3,050, and for $2,550. On the lower end of the spectrum, […]

0 sells for $143,000

Domain has sold at auction for $143,000 USD– the first six-figure sale of the week. Though originally an English word, the term “website” is now widely used in many languages, including German. The identity of the buyer has not been made public, but whoever bought the name made a great investment. Other sales include […]

0 sells for $21,925

Two-character domain sold at auction this weekend for $21,925 USD. While names this short are valuable, good luck finding much of a use for a name like this one. Perhaps a non-profit that has a “CH” acronym could find a use for it, but besides that, who else would want it? Last time I […]


Domain auction recap

Yesterday, we covered the sale of for €115,000. However, there were many more smaller domain transactions this week that have gone unmentioned. While they may not have been six-figure sales, these domain auctions make up the bulk of sales. First and foremost, a number of rare three-letter domains have sold. These include for […]

0 sells for €115,000

Topping all other domain sales so far this week is, which sold at auction for €115,000. Considering the name contains a hyphen, this is a very good price for the seller. With text messaging continuing to rise in popularity, however, it was also a good deal for the buyer. Other recent ccTLD sales include […]

0 sells for $851,875

Topping all other domain sales this week is, which has sold for €587,500 ($851,875 USD). It is the highest sale ever recorded on the .fr ccTLD. The previous domain to hold this spot,, sold for $116,221 in October of 2009. Other recent ccTLD sales include Sü for $14,355 and Mö for $13,195. The […]

0 sells for $30,000 USD

Domain has sold at auction for £18,472 ($30,000 USD). “Vivant” is French for “living” and also the name of a pharmaceutical specializing in acne treatment. Other sales of note include: $13,000 $6,988 $5,900 $5,400 $5,000 There is a lot of potential for over the next few decades as […]

0 sells for $14,000

Two-character domain has sold at auction for $14,000 USD. In addition, also sold for $10,099. Though I really don’t see many applications for the names, two character domains yield such high sale prices because they are few and far between. Here are some other recent sales: €7,610 $4,100 €1,190 (Dutch […]

0 sells for $350,000

In what is likely the biggest sale so far this year, has sold for £219,628 ($350,000 USD). At first I thought there was no market for the name, then I was surprised to find there actually is a large niche for online cooking games. In addition, (Italian for “pagans”) sold for $35,000 and […]

0 sells for $88,000 at auction recently sold in an online auction for $88,000 USD. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and its largest city with a population of 2.6 million. Some other recent sales include: $7,000 $1,600 $1,350 $1,125 In addition, Live Current Media sold and in separate sales for undisclosed amounts shortly […]

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