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4× sells for $35,500

Automotive domain 4× has sold for a hefty $35,000 USD. This is perhaps one of the more useful 3-letter domains sold lately. Other recent 3-letter sales include for €18,000 and for $23,000 USD. (German for “water”) garnered €9,000, while fetched $12,500. Here are some other interesting sales: €5,895 $3,600 […]

0 sells for $50,000

Ending the week on a good note, sold at auction for $50,000 USD. Given the huge market for crayons and art supplies, this name was a steal. Another sale of note is for €16,555. Whoever bought this name is sure to run into trouble with Apple. Two-letter name garnered $5,000 USD and […]

0 sells for $300,000 USD

In this year’s second-biggest ccTLD sale, Brazilian domain (Portugese for “real estate”) sold at auction, earning seller Gustavo Volcan $300,000 USD. Brazil’s economy has grown steadily over the last decade and is a rising power. Whoever bought the domain is very smart. Although there might be a slump in the real estate market now, […]

0 fetches $100,000 USD

Domain sold at auction yesterday for $100,000 USD. While not nearly as much as the $800,000 fetched, I don’t think I would pass up the chance to earn six figures from a domain. “Guagua” is a Spanish nickname for a type of small bus common in urban areas. Often called dollar or commuter […]

0 sells for $165,000 USD

Leading the domain sales pack this week is, which has sold for $165,000 USD. The name would be perfect for a heavy metal music website or perhaps a firm in the metal market. Another sale of note is for $60,000. If developed into a decent stock quote site, I think this domain would […]

0 sells for €15,000

Domain sold last week to an undisclosed buyer for €15,000. Of course, that’s not anywhere close to the $1 million was bought for, but six-figures is still a good chunk of change. Also of note are the sales of,, and– all for $10,000 USD each. In all honestly, I don’t […]

0 to be put up for auction, which became the most expensive domain ever after allegedly selling for $14 million in 2006, is slated to be put up for sale again as an asset in its owner’s foreclosure auction. According to, the auction will be held at Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP, 156 West 56th Street, New York, New […]

0 sells for $250,000 has sold for $250,000 USD. As it turns out, the buyer of this name, a company by the name of Stein Holdings, was also the buyer of earlier this week. How about that? In addition, South African ccTLD fetched $65,000 while brought in $20,000. Two-letter name sold for $27,600 (€20,000). […]

0 sells for $250,000 USD

Domain has sold at auction for $250,000 USD. Now is the perfect time to buy such a name. Soon spring will arrive and boaters everywhere will want to get out on the water. In my opinion, the price paid is a fair one. is a stellar name that will bring profit to its […]


Tips to sell a domain

At one point or another, you will inevitably want to sell a domain you have registered. You may be doing so to collect on an investment, simply not need the name, or have been approached by a third party. Either way, here are some tips to follow when selling a domain: 1. Watch out for […]

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