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25th anniversary of .com almost here

The first domain name,, was registered on March 15, 1985. That makes this March 15 the 25th anniversary of the first .com registration. The web has changed quite a bit since then and it’s no surprise that the .com operator, Verisign, is planning a celebration. In addition to throwing a “25 Years of .com” […]


Chinese government takes two popular domains offline

Yesterday evening, Chinese web portal and a similar social networking site,, both went offline. This is not normal downtime, however. Rather, the registrar of the two .coms is claiming the names were “rendered unable to resolve” at the request of the Chinese government. China has a long history of Internet censorship and has […]

0 sells for $30,000

If there were one thing I was hoping we could have left behind in The Noughties, it’s the stupid “i” branding scheme. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed with the sale of for $30,000 USD. Just because Apple puts ‘i” in front of everything doesn’t mean everyone else has to jump on the bandwagon. Other […]

0 sells for $16,055

Two character domain has sold at auction for £10,026 ($16,055 USD). Though the name isn’t exactly descriptive, it is short and easy to remember. Just about any website or company could be branded under “6m.” Other recent sales include: $8,995 USD $5,000 USD $5,000 USD $4,500 USD $1,000 USD […]

0 sells for $175,000

American businessman Jeremiah Johnson already owned But that wasn’t enough for him. To expand his already booming business, the man recently bought the domain for £106,890 ($175,000 USD). sells a variety of sheds and other small storage buildings. No doubt Johnson will have to sell quite a few to make up the […]

0 sells for $250,000

Advertising firm Marchex sold last week to RegistrarAds, Inc. for $250,000 USD. “Dominio” is Spanish for “domain.” Also of note is, which sold at auction for $89,000 USD. Those in the know will tell you that 64 not only has close connections with the N-64 gaming console, but is also the number of […]

0 sells for $45,000

Given the massive size of the vitamin supplement market, it’s no surprise that has sold for £27,424 ($45,000 USD). No six-figure sales have occurred lately. Instead, more modest transactions have dominated the market. Other recent sales: $37,500.00 $27,500.00 $25,000.00 $24,000.00 $22,500.00 $21,000.00 $21,000.00 $17,000.00 $14,500.00 […]

0 sells for $120,000

I can’t remember the last time Sudan made the news, but today is the exception with the sale of at auction for £73,516 ($120,000 USD). Place names are excellent domain investments because while tastes change and products constantly enter and exit the market, countries rarely disappear and are always a subject of interest. The […]

0 sells for €20,000 sold a few days ago for €20,000 (£18,217 or $29,696 USD) in an online auction. “Tisch” is German for “table.” Other recent sales: $6,000 USD $1,000 USD $4,500 USD $2,500USD – $1,500 USD SMMU stands for Second Military Medical University in Shanghai, China, while Tamburrino is an Italian surname. […]

0 sells for $600,000

An unreported deal up until now, sold in a private sale for £369,871, or $600,000 USD. The buyer remains unknown. Country-code domains have been doing very well as of late. sold for $63,325 in a private sale, while reached $45,000 in an online auction. Most interestingly,, which was originally bought in […]

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