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Ghana Becomes Third African Nation to Register Domains

As Africa continues its quest to catch up with the rest of the Internet world, a company in Ghana called Ghana Dot Com Limited, has become the third in Africa to become an accredited domain name registrar. Accreditation was awarded by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an Internet oversight organization. The two […]

0 sells for €17,850

In keeping with the recent strong performance of the .de ccTLD, sold at auction for €17,850. The name is a Latin-character version of Äthiopien, the German name for Ethiopia. It would be interesting to see how much the IDN variant of the name might sell for at auction compared to this domain. Other recent […]


Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee to visit Kenya

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a man widely considered to be the founder of the modern web, is embarking on a 4-day trip to Kenya. While there, he will collaborate with leaders about increasing Internet usage and also launch activities for the new World Wide Web Foundation. The East African country has been host to a hotbed […]


What's the point of .africa?

This week, a group of African communication ministers met in Johannesburg, South Africa to discuss the creation of a .africa TLD. The thing is, does the continent really need its own extension? Maybe further down the road there will be a use for it, but considering Africa is the most unwired continent in the world, […]

0 sells for $120,000

I can’t remember the last time Sudan made the news, but today is the exception with the sale of at auction for £73,516 ($120,000 USD). Place names are excellent domain investments because while tastes change and products constantly enter and exit the market, countries rarely disappear and are always a subject of interest. The […]


Premium .cm names sell at auction for big bucks

It hasn’t even been two months since Cameroon made its .cm domain available for public registration, but premium versions of the extension are selling like wildfire. The biggest sales so far have been and for £50,097 ($81,000 USD) and £31,542 ($51,000 USD) respectively. Other notable sales include: $35,100 $30,100 $23,050 […]


African ccTLD operators careful to avoid ICANN

Most domain extension operators around the world, especially American TLDs, work with ICANN on some level, but a recent InfoWorld article shows that most African ccTLDs do not wish to work with the California organization, opting not to join its Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO). Many of these domain registries are afraid to do […]


.DJ domain targets disc jockeys

.DJ is the ccTLD for Djibouti, a small African country southeast of Somalia. With only 11,000 Internet users, the extension is scarcely used at all, and now a company is trying to market the name to DJs across the globe. As is the case with .eco, I don’t see much of a target for the […]


West Africa struggles after cable cut

Yesterday, an undersea SAT-3 cable was cut between the Iberian peninsula and West Africa. It is apparently the only line connecting West Africa to the digital world, and the cut caused connectivity problems in Benin, Togo, Niger, and Nigeria. Nigeria’s banking sector, government and mobile phone networks all suffered from bandwidth outage. “SAT-3 is currently […]


.CM auction results pile in

It hasn’t been long since Cameroon announced plans to offer its .CM domain to the world at large, but a number of premium names have already sold at auction. So far the highest sale has been for £21,455 ($35,000 USD). The highest sales have all been generic names. Here are some others: £6,130 […]

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