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  • Server colocation

    Server colocation

    Server colocation is an incredible good choice for people as well as small businesses who
  • Closing Down a Server

    Closing Down a Server

    Everything comes to an end, and there are times when shutting down a server for
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    Professional Data Centres In The UK

    A professional data centre is a location in which various pieces of hardware are located and professionals employed to watch over them and monitor their functioning. These are centres that take charge of the data and hardware that an organization has and monitor them to ensure that they are always performing at optimal levels. This […]

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    Colocation sever security

    Collocation is the movement of the servers from an in house location usually to a much safer location that is marked with specialized environment for the servers. Collocation sites usually offer the users with an environment that features high-security features such as cameras, fire detection and extinguishing devices. Some of them also provide multiple connection […]

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    What to do when shutting down a server!

    Closing down a server can be a smooth process or one of the most hectic things an individual can encounter. To start with, the servers hold the data that a company relies on and as such, cannot just be abandoned since the company risks letting that data fall into the wrong hands. As such, there […]

  • Ecommerce and web design

    Ecommerce and web design

    it would be foolhardy for a business person or manager for that matter to ignore the position that the e-commerce has had in the world of business today. The world has literally moving away from the big offices and industrial parks to small offices and a large online presence. For instance, Facebook is a multibillion […]

  • Why would you create a website for your business?

    Why would you create a website for your business?

    A website is the poster for a business. It is the first online footprint that a firm or a person can leave on the World Wide Web. In the current world, more and more business transactions are being completed online. In fact, the web has become one of the highest business earning platforms in the […]

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